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Our Syllabus and Objectives

Galvanized By Truth University of Theology and Christian Counseling takes pride in offering a syllabus that is challenging yet rewarding. Download the attached file below to view a comprehensive breakdown of our course and get in touch with any questions you may have.

Educational Objectives

1- Know God according to the Scriptures.

2- Develop Biblical knowledge that trains the skills necessary for ministry.

3- Academic and critical analysis of the Christian, religious and cultural identity of the contemporary world.

4- Demonstrate a comprehensive view of fundamental knowledge in interpersonal and general education courses.

5- Develop integral values that are in accordance with Biblical principles.

6- Obtain the historical knowledge of the Church, interpretation of the word and the influence that

it has had on the community of faith and humanity.

7- Create awareness of the problems that affect society and analyze them from the Christian, academic and professional perspective.

8- Train all students in the Christian ministry and its different expressions, pastoral

educational and others.

9- Train students to be effective in helping the needy.

Dean: Dr. Carman Aponte 

Syllabus: Syllabus
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