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Here at Galvanized by Truth University of Theology and Christian Counseling, we offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, filled with academic support and educational services. Ever since we got our start in 2017, Galvanized by Truth University of Theology and Christian Counseling has been instilling knowledge in students from all over. Our faculty will go the extra mile to give our students the tools needed to grow and succeed.

At Galvanized by Truth University of Theology and Christian Counseling, we believe that our campus is an important part of the Central, South Florida and Central Texas community. We strive for excellence by offering an engaging curriculum as well as numerous outreach opportunities. Contact us to find out more.

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Deans Office 

We Welcome You All

Dear Aspirant,

I wish, by this means, to express to you the warmest welcome and to congratulate you on your decision to start or resume your university studies in our distinguished organization.

This young and thriving institution has been defined as a "University for the Christian people";

with the sole purpose, since its inception, of being an instrument and factor of change, by facilitating

the settlement of the word of God to a population in which it responds to the call of God to Divine preparation in Theology and Christian Counseling to serve the needs of the community and contribute to the formation of the Church by spreading the Gospel throughout the world in these last days.

For this reason, I want to accompany your first steps in this House, with the purpose of encouraging

and favor your persistence in it. In that context, I propose that you carefully read the

content of the Entrance Course Manual, which details the academic offer and all the

information about the course, including subjects, class dates and exams.

In our university you will find a clean, comfortable space with classrooms suitable for the

development of classes. But the most important thing you'll find is a faculty of

excellence, committed to the institution, and a student body dedicated to the study and care of

the facilities that have been made available to you.

Also, you will find demand because our unwavering commitment is the search

constant excellence in the mission of our core functions: dedication,

research and commitment. This commitment begins with the Entrance Course because we are

aware of our leading role in the training of professional Ministers for a

A nation that needs to develop, more and more, its Christ-centered potentialities and values.

With these convictions, I invite you to adopt from your first day in this House, the attitude

that you will need in each of the moments of this profitable stage of your life that

you're just getting started.


Dr. Carmen Aponte

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